Baseball is a frozen memory. Football has crowned its college champ and soon we shall know who takes home the Lombardi trophy as the NFL’s top team. Unless you live in Florida, Southern California or Hawaii you know that darkness and frost on your windshield probably awaits your morning commute. Luckily, we have great sports options to keep us alive while we hibernate for the winter. Besides counting down the days till pitchers and catchers report for spring training you’re probably rocking your couch every night watching guys flying up and down the ice or going strong to the hoop for a monster dunk. Big cities like Chicago, Boston, New York and Philly among others have pro teams in both the NHL and NBA. Thankfully there are plenty of home games where you can shovel out early, get to the arena, throw down a couple of coldies and cheer on your team. Good tickets to all NHL and NBA games are always available from NTA.

Another great option that is available to almost everyone in the country is NCAA college hockey and NCAA college basketball. You will get the same non-stop action as the pro game with passionate fans and that great collegiate atmosphere for less than the cost of a good meal at a nice restaurant. When you watch top conference games at the Division 1 level your basically watching future pros perform.

The basketball court is relatively small and while you can anti up to sit courtside that’s likely your mortgage payment to see the Bulls or Nuggets and your yearly real estate tax if it’s the Lakers. A better option choose seats that are a ways back, take in the whole court from between the free throw lines and save a bundle. With hockey I always sit between the blue lines and back at least 30 rows back to be able to clearly see over the boards and view the whole ice surface.

If you only plan to take in a game or two this winter, I suggest marking the calendar and getting tickets now for the bigger late season matchups. The only way to guarantee that your going and sitting in good seats at a great price is to actually buy the tickets. If you wait you gamble that those seats will still be available. Plus knowing that you’ve secured your seats lessens your stress level and allows you to enjoy the anticipation of having a great time. Spring may seem like a long way off as your shoveling snow yet again but before you turn around it will be playoff time and March Madness and that’s when you need a great ticket company like NTA to help you score great tickets. NTA guarantees you that you will get personal attention to help you choose the best seats for your money. Here’s to booming slap shots and rim rattling dunks forever!

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