mlb baseball tickets for less

What’s wrong with baseball? Absolutely nothing! It’s better than ever.

As we hurtle toward the start of another baseball season, I’m happy to report that as usual hope springs eternal and most teams believe they have improved in the off season. Spring training is where we get a glimpse and whet our appetites for the upcoming regular season schedule. Passionate baseball fans who travel to see their team in the spring salivate over the prospect of having a word or getting an autograph from their favorite player. The games are a warmup for the long season ahead. Many of the games generate strong enough interest that you will want to have your tickets secured ahead of going to the park. For instance, Yankee and Red Sox games usually sell out quickly. We have a great selection of tickets to the Yanks and Sox as well as spring training tickets to all the teams. If your looking to get a way to Florida Or Arizona for a few days or a week of sun grab tickets now from NTA. You’ll find that the better box seats cost less with us.

While season attendance at some parks may be down overall, in my opinion, baseball is still healthy. Sure there’s been some grumblings that baseball is losing its appeal with the younger generation and needs to do something to recapture fan interest. I think its hogwash. Baseball is fine just the way it is.  Love of baseball is often passed down father to son to grandson. Something about tradition and a sense of timeless beauty are part of what make it a great game. It’s the same 3 strikes you’re out, hit it over the fence it’s a home run, hit .300 and you’re a real good hitter and great pitching beats good hitting most of the time. The great rivalries like the Dodgers and Giants and the Sox and Yankees are still very strong and now the Cubs, Astros and Nationals are power house teams. Who would of thought? Innovations over time seem to work well and now they want to speed the game up and rely on more technologies to help umpires. Analytics now rule in game decisions and player personnel moves. I’m Ok with it all.  Like any fan I sometimes have issue with the human element. Umpires miss out calls and bungle balls and strikes but I realize that is part of the charm. I’m fine with replay but remember people play the game not robots. Save the Artificial Reality for the computerized versions.  

As for speeding the game up, I suppose I will accept it but it does bother me. Unlike almost any other sport baseball has no time limit or clock. I love baseball and I never want the games to end. When I go to a Major League game I want my money’s worth! A 3 to 4-hour game or even a marathon is fine with me. I relish the atmosphere at classic ballparks like Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field. It’s the perfect antidote to get away from the BS and drudgery of our days. Next time you go leave your cell phone behind and just unwind and appreciate the theatre that plays out on the field.

You really don’t like baseball now? I guess I get it but for those of us who live, eat, sleep and dream about for the most part leave it alone. Baseball is alive and well in 2019 and I can’t wait for the season to start.

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