The (SEC) southeast Conference is an American college sports conference whose member organizations are situated mainly inside the Southern region of the United states of America. Its 14 participants consist of the leading public universities of 10 states, 3 additional public land grant universities, and 1 non-public research university. The conference is based in Birmingham, Alabama. The SEC takes part in the (NCAA) National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I in sports competitions; for football, it is part of the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), previously identified as Division I-A.

The SEC is considered as one of the more proficient sports conferences in terms of its winning track record, with 37 national football titles. The conference is furthermore extremely successful financially, as it continuously leads the majority of others in income distribution to its participants.

The SEC was additionally the very first NCAA Division I conference to have a championship game (and award a subsequent title) for college football and was one of the founding members of the (BCS) Bowl Championship Series.

SEC Conference