NFL Football and College Football Tickets for the 2018-2019 season are now available

Football is back. And it couldn’t have come any sooner as by now everyone is over the summer fun and baseball is getting a bit boring unless your team is still in the playoff hunt. The excitement of the start of the football season is unlike any other sport.

Football is a passion for many, life for some but everyone from the cleaning lady to your mailman has a team because every city and town has a high school or college and every region has an NFL team to root for. It bonds us and gives us a common cause. College professor or trash collector can sit at a bar and talk about the team or the game on equal footing. It’s a beautiful thing.
Football! Something about the shear physical exhilaration we absorb when we watch guys slug it out on the field just gets the juices flowing in a way that basketball and baseball don’t. (Hockey has hitting so that’s cool too!) They say that if people didn’t have football to watch on weekends they would release aggression in some other destructive to society manner. Thank the lord for football right?

Who do you root for? If you live in New England it’s all Patriots of course and you pray that Brady stays healthy and defies the Gods for at 41 to be that good is just insane. College football up there is minor league with BC being the best but never good enough to make a serious national run. The school’s academic standards are a bit higher than Alabama for example.

Now if you’re in the Southeast sure you have the Dolphins in Florida the Falcons in Georgia etc. but baby it’s all about the SEC and the ACC. College ball rules down south and brother you better be on board because it doesn’t get any crazier than a tailgate and a ballgame on the campus of these beautiful schools. For Texas folks nothing tops Friday night under the lights unless it’s Saturday and you’re a Longhorn fan. Texas people live eat sleep drink pee football. Period.

The Big 10 land of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State etc Now that’s good football too. Good wholesome grinding it out, trench warfare, pad crunching football. Those Californians can have their recreational high although they play pretty good ball out on the coast but I’ll take the down n dirty, muddy, snowy, keg of Bud ball any day. Bring it on!