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Everyone wants to sit in good seats when they go to a ball game. It’s a fact. If you could sit at the 50-yard line closer to the field, you would. It’s preferable to sitting in nosebleed seats on aluminum benches unless of course your trying to watch the game like a scout and need that “bird’s eye view” of the field. You may be surprised to know that often prices for the better seats at many games is not much more than the cheapies. Sometimes you can move up from the 300 level to the 100 level for less than $50. Your spending your time, gas, parking, food and drink money anyways so for a little more you could enjoy the game a lot more. Remember every game is not a marquee matchup. For every Ohio State vs Michigan or Red Sox vs Yankees there are 10 games that the demand is much less hence ticket prices are less. Those are the games you can score better seats for less.

While true the very best seats are reserved for season ticket holders’ fans should know that not many can go to all 81 baseball home games for example. Season ticket holders (STH’s as they are known in the bizz) often pick and choose select games to go to and which games to list their tickets on NTA. And many times, when the details of life like paying your grandmother a visit or taking your kids to the zoo take precedence of going to a game. Those are the choice seats you want. I can help you find those seats. I can get you in those seats for less.

A tip on searching for tickets, one that I employ. Always search low price to high that way you will see where the break is between the better upper level and the lowest priced lowers. That’s the sweet spot. These choice “bargain” tickets tend to get scooped up fast so check this way often. As this NFL season enters the stretch run and we head into the playoffs and the NCAA Bowl game matchups are now set, now is the best time to look for your great seats. The adage the early bird catches the worm is never truer than in scoring tickets. Besides a better selection you will always save a ton of dough now rather than waiting especially for these special big games. With the NBA and NHL in the first half of their seasons now is the time to make a list of second half games you would want to go to and get your tickets now. The same strategy is true for concert tickets. Shop early be smart! Happy hunting!